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  1. Posted by angietstryke, — Reply

    Wait, isn’t Galaxies Edge a place at Disney land? Edit: so I get it now. It just means what time line the actors at Galaxy’s Edge are acting on.

  2. Posted by Kaifat666, — Reply

    Very confused rn, cause I watched only 6(dunno which ones) and the last scene had ghosts of Anakin and Obi-van watching Luke. But that was in 2005-2006, so there are new episodes apparently?)

  3. Posted by ikemarkle009, — Reply

    Solo actually took place BEFORE the prequels Proof: Darth Maul is in it with two lightsaber sides and Younger Obi-Wan [In the Phantom Menace] cut off one side of his lightsaber so yea Solo came first.

  4. Posted by greerexe, — Reply

    Im so confused about the mandalorian. There are rumors that Ashoka will be in season 2 (if thats even a real thing) But yoda is a baby so wouldnt it take place before the prequels? idk if that made ANY sense but im just kinda confused

  5. Posted by rygreat124, — Reply

    Its wrong in clone wars Yoda is a well grown Jedi while in mandalorian he is a child so mandalorian should be put above..clone wars in series

  6. Posted by 1990jaz, — Reply

    Star Wars: Mandalorian set 5 years (LY 3281-3286) after Return of the Jedi and 25 years before The Force Awakens.

  7. Posted by mfox9719, — Reply

    Since Yoda died in return of the jedi, doesn't that mean baby Yoda is his reincarnation or am I high? Jk.

  8. Posted by seokjsepiphany, — Reply

    I think baby yoda is just the same species as yoda, it was just named baby yoda cos nobody knows it's name

  9. Posted by alfredo0473, — Reply

    Who cares! Ten year old Star Wars games are so much more entertaining than films today.

  10. Posted by ChaosLaserWave, — Reply

    You got The Clone Wars half wrong. It’s not Clone Wars. It takes place way after Episode II.

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