Sour Cream Pancakes (Pioneer Woman Recipe) - Bunny's Warm Oven


Sour Cream Pancakes (Pioneer Woman Recipe) are light ,fluffy, soft pancakes made with sour cream and only 7 Tablespoons of flour! They're delicious!


  1. Posted by amelieertel, — Reply

    Hands down the best pancakes I’ve ever had! They were a pain to flip because they are so thin but totally worth it. I didn’t use large eggs so I didn’t get the eggy taste others got. I also added blueberries to the batter and used some strawberry jam spread instead of syrup. Seriously So Good!!!

  2. Posted by IsabelEscobar00083, — Reply

    I didn’t like these. Tasted too much of egg, like a keto pancake tastes. Definitely not the kind I was going for today. Lol

  3. Posted by bestquoteemail, — Reply

    These were very tasty. Loved the savory taste the egg and butter gave.

  4. Posted by school_girl101, — Reply

    Added chocolate protein powder and cocoa

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